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Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension Supplies

Eyelash extension supplies at time are a head ache to find.  Although its a head arch, it must be done. Don’t waste any more time searching for eyelash Extension supplies.  Here at Lash Outlet Store we like make things easy for you. Everything you need we have or we find for you.

 The Lash Outlet Store was created by a lash artist.  So we know exactly what you are going thru and what you need.   All our lash  products are tested and approved by us.  We pride our self in carrying quality eyelash extension products.  Ever trying to find lash products at the last minute, yea we know.   unfortunately most hair salons don’t carry the product we need.  Lash Outlets Store carries many types of tweezers, lash trays, massage tables and more,

Do you have any question?  Feel free to ask anything about lashes. Our are  passion  so we would be more then happy help out any way possible.  Coming soon lash extension training in the near future.






Eyelash Extension Training

Lash Outlet Store and I.M. Beauty have teamed up to offers the most In-depth thorough one-day Eyelash Extension Certification Course.  We have courses that range from beginners to advanced lash artist.  During  the I.M. Beauty’s Eyelash Extension Training Courses you are guided through the entire world of Eyelash Extensions step by step.

Our in-depht research and ever advancing hunger for knowledge allows us to offer our students the latest industry trends and advancements.  Along with an extremely through hands-on training, because our number one goal is your success,  we provide ongoing support along the way.